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Welcome to the home of Walt Motorsports. We run a late model at various tracks in Ontario including Sunset, Peterborough, and Barrie Speedways.  We plan to run Mosport and Kawartha Speedways this coming summer in the conjoined efforts of a new rules program as well and the WWS ( Weekend Warrior Series) that was made possible by Lucas Oil.  Walt motorsports has been running late model cars for many years and has a team quite capable of winning as seen in the past few years at Barrie, Peterborough and Sunset.  With the combined skills of the driver and team members we plan to have a very successful year. 
With the addition of a couple sponsors this year we plan on running a full schedule at Sunset speedway aswell as attending the many other invitationals at other tracks in our region.  Thanks to the renewed sponsors from last year aswell as our new sponsors this year......we couldn't do it with out them.

In the News

After a long hard fought weekend with a 2nd, 5th anda horrible 15th place finish in the feature thecar went to Huntsville and was looked over and many things changed so this weekend can be more sucessful.  After finding a bent shock and many front end geometry measurements off it should handlmuch better now.




Racin' With the Best....