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Lat weeks race results and race analysis.  How we made out in the heats and feature event on that givin weekend and at what track(s).


The car is still lookin good not
s nice as it was in the mall.

JUNE 25th
Sunset Speedway
 Starts at 7 O'clock

Winner: Lambert Yake
With all new tires the car didn't run like we wanted to.
The 1st heat we started 5th and passed the top 3 cars and moved into 2nd. 
We were right on the leaders tail and gave him a nudge but decided to ride it out.
The 2nd heat we started 5th and stayed there for the remainder of the heat.
In the feature we started up in 7th and moved quickly up to 4th passing the 4th place and the 3rd place cars on the outside.  Then the car went away in an instant we moved back to 15thand finished behind the pack of about 10 cars that were jammed up.  
Winner: Jason Witty #19
The car was quick after the outing at Peterborough when we arrived at Sunset.
In the 1st heat we drifted back from our 2nd position at the start to finish 8th.  The track was very cruel all night with no grip in the top lane.
In the 2nd heat we ended up 8th getting stuck behind a few cars and not being able to get by.  The car was not very good and we put 2 new tires on the right side for the feature.
We started 13 in the feature and with 2 new tires it looked to be promising after just a few short laps.  We got up to 5th position and then layed back as a few cars battled and then jumped to take advantage of them banging each other but only to find theat the #03 car would transfer his anger onto our car and began hitting us.  When the caution flew he was still playing games and hitting us under the yellow.  This earned him a trip to the back of the pack along with the #71 of Brent Travis.  We sat 3rd and were strong holding off and staying witgh the leader #28 and the 2nd place man #19 Jason Witty.  With a combination of the #03 hitting the left front wheel and the tires going away we were overtaken because we could not drive the car into or out of the corner because it would have spun out.  We ended up 7th at the end of the night which is still fairly good in the pack of 22 cars.  In tech The #28 car was put back 2 positions in line due to being to low therefor handing the win to a well deserved Jason Witty in the #19 car.
We are now sitting 7th in the points and are 3rd in the overall Lucas Oil points at Sunset and we sit 6th out of the top 50 cars in the conference. 
Winner: Vic Parsons
We unloaded after the long drive to Peterborough to still have the same motor problem as last weekend at Sunset.  After trying to fix the problem we found it after the 3rd practice.  There was a chunk of rubber aswell as a large piece of fuel cell foam within the fuel line.
We started on the pole for the 1st heat and led the whole thing up until 2 laps to go.  We finally cleared the #1 of Vic Parsons and then we were trunked going into turn 3 and then the #1 drove straight through peeling the left rear tire off the car.  We then hit the wall coming out of turn 2 and just about rolled the car then we came to rest in turn 3 spinning the car.
We got the tire changed and came back out to finish 5th.
In the 2nd heat we started 6th and moved quickly up to 2nd place and ran there behind the Barrie Speedway regular and rookie Joey Mcolm in the #11.  We tried him high but could not make the pass and then tried low but got cut every time.  On a late restart coming out of 4 the #11 just didn't go and we tagged him on the right rear of his bumper and turned him around with 2 laps to go.  We both went to the back and we rallied to a 4th place finish. 
In the feature we started 13 and quickly moved up through the field slicing and dicing through cars.  We ran in the top 5 most of the race battling with the #1 #11 and the #17 of Kevin Cornelius from Sunset.  We got pushed out of the top 5 once when the car picked up a bad push.  But we rallied back and finished the nite off in 4th behind the #1,  #20 from Peterborough, then the #17.
Overall the outing was a great one and we look forward to getting back to Peterborough.
Thanx to all the support from the crew and fans who came to root for us making the trip to Peterborough.
Winner: Kevin Cornelius
With a gear change on Saturday morning the car worked fairly well in the 1st practice.  We opted to put 2 new right side tires on the car and adjusted on the car in order to get rid of the push in the center of the corner. 
We started outside pole for our 1st heat and it took all 10 laps to get around the #03 car for the lead.  Our car just didn't have the pull out of the corner that it did with the other gear we had the week befor.  We took over the leadin the dying laps with the #69 hot on our tail when the caution came out after the #03 spun with a lap to go.  On the restart we never looked back and stormed away for the victory.
The 2nd heat we started last and worked our way up to 6th all over the lead pack of cars.
Befor the feature began we decided to change the gears back to what we had the week befor.  We got in one practice and the car was a rocket again.
We started the feature 8th and quickly moved up to 3rd in just a few laps.  About 15 laps in the car decided to throw a curve ball at us when it started to heat up and then the motor would not run properly. We gave up our 3rd position when we spun out in turn 3 and then went to the pits to find the problem.  After finding nothing we went back and started last and soon found that the problem was gone.  We worked out way back up into the top 10 in justa few short laps and then the problem came again.  We let a few cars pass and then a big pile up in turn 3 took some on the ball driving to get through.  We missed the wreck and then the car cooled down and ran fine again on the restart.  We fought with Ken Bemrose the #3 car and got by him for 5th until he put the bumper to us and sent us up the race track.  We ended up 6th atthe end of the nite which is a fairly good showing considering the length and thef rustrations of the day.     
Winner: Ken Bemrose
The day began with a very quick carcomingright out ofthe box. We ran the first practiceand decidedto leave the car aloneand wait for the first heat instead of burning the tires off the car.  
We started the 1st heat 3rd and had a false start right off teh bat when the leader jumped the green flag.  When back in line for another start we took the #33 3 wide right away downt the front stretch and never looked back.  We pulled the # 19 of Jason Witty through with us and that was it.  A dominant heat win by the 31 car was in tact. 
In the 2nd heat we started 6th on the outside and jumped up a few positions right away.  We got held up just for a lap or 2 but the ran strongchasing down the #28 of Bentley.  In the ending laps we overtook Bentley for 4th place at the checkered.
The feature race seemed to be a fairly calm one for about 20 laps and then all hell broke loose.  From our starting position of 7th we quickly moved up to 4th after a lap one turn 2 incident resulting anda wreck.  After taking 4th we never looked back and ran there chasing down the #17 of Kevin Cornelius but not waisting our tires in the mean time.  At about lap 20 the cautions started to come.  We did not need to see lapping cars at a furious pace.  Caution after caution wasthe story from there.  We slipped back a few positions because of a few lapped cars that were mixed in with the bunch but then quickly overtook the cars that were behind us befor the caution while also clearing the lapped cars in the pack.  We got by the #17 car while taged onto the #1 car of Parsons when he took it 3 wide into turn #1 with the #17 in the middle and the #71 of Brent Travis on the outside.  While going through the #71 got sideways and came back through and tagged our right rear tire and quarter and the body exploded.  This set us up in 4th once again forthe lastrun beforthe checkerds.  Bemose #3, Witty #19, Parsons #1 and Walt #31 were fighting hard at the end with the #1 trying the outside on the #19 and us hot on his tail inside.  That is how we finished with Cissarelli finishing off in 5th. 

Racin' With the Best....